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200L/h Flow,120Mpa Pressure Homogenizer,small size,high pressure

Plazo de entrega: 30 días

Información básica

Modelo: SRH200-120

Descripción del producto

Product Description


Working method: when product is flowing through the adjustable valve ,the particles or droplets present in mixed fluids with high pressure will be subdivided into the very smallest sizes (diameter Φ=0.1~0.2 um, average Φ ≤1um ) because of pressure decrease, expansion, explosion,cutting and high-speed impacting etc., then the emulsions or dispersions could be produced.Through homogenizing the stability, easy-absorb, long-life, taste and color etc. of product could be realized.

Main applications:
(1) cell disruption, process new products, or harvesting the intracellular products;
(2) subdividing the particles or droplets present in fluids into very smallest sizes (submicron) and creating a stable dispersions and emulsions;
(3) homogenizing many other products;
Widely applied in fields of food, genetic engineering, chemical industry, pharmacy etc..
Rated flow capacity
Max pressure
Rated working pressure
Motor power
Number of Plunger
Pressure adjustment
Manual adjustment
Feed pressure
Shell material
SS 304
Material of sealing ring
X4310(Hemp fiber +Teflon)
Pressure gauge
Diaphragm type

Please refer to above chart,or just tell us the Flow and Pressure,we will advise you the proper models. 

SAMRO Homogenizer Superiorities

Sufficient flow capacity
Excellent mixing and homogenizing effect,Dia.0.01-2μm
Stable working pressure,pressure meter swing in 1Mpa
Low noise
Reliable sealing,no leakage
Spare parts more durable
Liquid material saving, oil saving
Lower fault rate and easy maintenance 

Power End

1).Electric motor,Siemens/Abb three-phase asynchronous motor,ranging from 3-160KW for various models.
2). Gearbox,two stage transmission.
Using two-stage reducing. First stage is V-belt reducing,and second stage adopts herring bone gear for symmetrical transmission,with diamountable slides. Special alloy rolling bearings and bushes at the two sides don’t need to be changed if under normal operation.
Horizontal structure,stable, low noise, mechanical efficiency is increased by about 10% on average.
Combined splash system lubrication and oil pump water cooling auxiliary lubrication ensure high quality lubricating.

Liquid End

1.Check valve
The conical type check valve can be applicable for the most product materials.
Valve can be offered with various materials according to customer’s product material properties,to realize the best working condition and meet CIP cleaning and acid and alkali resistant requirements especially in medical,dairy and chemical industry.
Poppet valve or ball valve. Ball valve offered for high viscocity liquid materials processing so as to ensure sufficient flow and stable working.

2.Homogenizing valve
Made of Tungsten-Cobalt-Titanium alloy or erosion-resisting cemented carbide,anti abrasion and compact,applicable for 0-1000bar pressure.
Optional for product materials and production requirements.

Made of the 4th high grade sealing materials,anti-pressure,anti-abrasion and sanitary,heat resistance(up to 150℃).
V belts or square belts can be optional for product material properties,or customized belts can be offered. 

Made of erosion-resistance stainless steel,treated through multiple processes(reach mirror surface effect),accurate and durable. The application practice in dairy industry has proves that the average use life can reach 6000-10000 hours.

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